The AdvantA Story

AdvantA qualified professionals are experienced in the management of large international construction projects:

Professional services ranging from project management, contract management, subcontract management, planning and scheduling, quality management, claims management and dispute management and support to plant and equipment suppliers who need assistance with the interface to local conditions and operations including civil works.

Specialized training courses in contract management adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

Founded in 1998 by Dennis Wheatland and Robert Blood. The founders have extensive senior management experience of large international projects and have developed a team of professional and very experienced consultants.

AdvantA provides its clients with Experienced Professionals ready to integrate into client teams and deliver the results


Our Offer

1. Strategy

Our senior consultants provide invaluable experience to company senior management and project teams during the development and execution phases of projects.

This executive advisory role includes:

2. Pre-Contract

Expert professional services for the pre-contract stage of large and complex international projects:

3. Post-Contract

Experienced professionals in project, contract, planning and quality management to assist clients during the execution phase of projects:

4. Organizational

Our clients have expressed appreciation for the expertise brought to the teams:

5. Dispute Resolution

Secure acceptable solutions amicably and harmoniously within the context of the project execution, rather than through formal dispute resolution procedures. Nevertheless, we also have experience in a wide range of dispute resolution procedures:

6. Training

Tailor made training in the various aspects of project management, specializing in contract management:


The industries we serve

AdvantA professionals come with the experience and the know how required to assist clients on their projects in many different sectors, including:


Support for large and complex transport projects:


Support for development and execution phases of water, waste water and water desalination projects:

Our business is responsive to the provision of services to clients for projects in Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, the Far East and Australasia.


Support for development and execution phases of power projects:

Transmission & Distribution

Renewables (Solar & Wind)

Support for large renewable energy projects:


Global expertise

1. North America

Services for North American clients include contract management services for offshore projects and Training in contract management

2. South America

Services for South American clients include training for clients’ Project and Contract Managers, contract management services and dispute resolution services

3. North Africa

Services in North Africa include projects for European clients in Transmission and Distribution (Power) and Roads Projects

4. Europe

Services in Europe include contract management, claims and dispute resolution services for various clients in the fields of Power Generation (Thermal), Nuclear (BOP) as well as offshore wind Renewables and Transport projects including High Speed Rail, Metro and Tramways

5. Middle East

Services in the Middle East include strategic advice, contract management, dispute resolution services for projects in Water, Waste Water and Desalination

6. South Asia & Far East

Services in South Asia and Far East include strategic advice, project development, contract management and dispute resolution services for Hydropower, Renewables(CSP) and Transport projects


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